Wayne Joseph, DDS

wayne-joseph-dds-officeFrom the desk of Wayne Joseph, DDS:

Dear Patients:

After over 30 years in this practice, I have retired from clinical practice effective July 10, 2015.

I am extremely grateful for your trust in my professional skills and have carefully planned a transition sequence for my patients. In particular, I spent considerable time and effort to find a highly qualified dentist whom I respect and feel comfortable transferring my patients to: Dr. Irena Vaksman.

Dr. Vaksman, a graduate of New York University School of Dentistry has extensive expertise in all facets of modern general dentistry, including digital. Moreover, she has assembled a fantastic team of practitioners at Vaksman Dental Group who adhere to Dr. Vaksman’s philosophy of conservative dentistry. The team is also able to handle many difficult and complex advanced cases (endodontics, implants, and complicated extractions, among other services).

To ensure the continuity of your care, Vaksman Dental Group has full access to all of my patient charts. However, upon your next visit to the office, Dr. Vaksman or one of her associates will obtain a new set of digital x-rays and exam. The team will discuss your clinical progress in detail at that time.

I am very grateful for Dr. Vaksman’s willingness to accept my patients and am excited that another younger generation of dental professionals whom I respect will continue this practice well into the future. Her excellent clinical skills are exceeded only by her compassion and care for her patients, and I am confident that you will thoroughly enjoy working with her team, which will continue to practice from the same South San Francisco office location, but you can also visit her downtown San Francisco location as well.

Thank you for being one of my patients and for your understanding and support during this transition and I anticipate that you will welcome and appreciate the new practitioners.

To your health,

Dr. Wayne Joseph, DDS