Month: July 2010

The Golden Age of Advertising?

July 29, 2010

Groupon today announced deal personalization. Simply put, this is HUGE. It was not long ago that companies relied heavily on expensive and marginally-effective print and yellow page ads, among other archaic marketing channels.  Along came Google Adwords (i.e., pay-per-click “PPC” ads) and allowed advertisers and users to help find each other through keyword and geo-targeting. Adwords […]

Irena Vaksman DDS on TechCrunch

July 17, 2010

After lots of hard work by our whole team – both on and offline, the buzz about our social media campaigns is starting to really heat up! Last week, after a visit to our office, Loic Le Meur, uber-blogger and entrepreneur, posted some interesting comments about our social strategy, to which we responded. Now, TechCrunch […]

Our Response to Loic Le Meur

July 14, 2010

We’ve received a lot questions about our social media strategy since Loic Le Meur’s recent visit to our San Francisco dental office, which he followed up with his thought-provoking post, “Does my dentist really need a Facebook fan page, YouTube channel and a Twitter account?”. Let me first introduce myself. I’m Robert Vaksman; Dr. Irena Vaksman’s […]

Loic Le Meur comments on OUR social strategy

July 13, 2010

First, some background: Loic Le Meur is the founder of Seesmic, an awesome twitter client.  Loic also co-founded (with his wife, Geraldine) LeWeb, which is the…”largest and most important Internet and technology conference in Europe and is becoming a must attend event” (so says Michael Arrington, the founder of TechCrunch; a preeminent tech blog). After […]